Taking the Oath

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[one_half] Hello Gorgeous!

Here is the Sleeping Naked Oath.
Your promise to your precious self.
A very important Love-you-tensil and a simple reminder of your worth and importance.

Print it out, place it on your fridge and repeat daily.
Place your right hand on your heart and raise your left hand and repeat.

“ I promise to put myself first.
Because taking care of me allows
me to give my best to the world”





Self love is a work of art, a spiritual path, a love fest, a work in progress… and practicing is the key to making it a part of your being. With SN40X – the 40 day Challenge of Xtreme self love, you’ll be reminded for 40 days in part 1 and 40 more days in part 2. Just enough time to come out on the other end filled with love and gratitude for YOU!
You deserve it.

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