The Program for Realizing Abundant Prosperity in your Life & Affairs

This Program will deliver a morning email to your inbox every day for 40 days. It will arrive by 3:00 am ET to insure that you have access to it the moment you wake in the morning.   Read the 5 steps below to see the additional goodies that are available to you -- everything you need to stay with this wonderful program for the full 40 days.

Daily Emails for 40 Days

Each email includes a 20 minute audible video and written text to read as soon as you wake up in the morning. 

Prosperity Journal

Anchor prosperity into your subconscious mind by journaling your daily mantra and experience. Printout or download to your iPad. 

Bonus 40 Day Calendar

Hang it where you can see it. Block your dates off on this pretty calendar so you can see how far you've come

Video Highlights of The Abundance Book

I share the relevant and important passages and messages from The Abundance Book. 

Restart if needed. Guidebook allows you to restart from day one if you fall off anytime for 90 days. 

If you don't open the email each day, you can refer to the GUIDEBOOK and start all over again with the text and the audio.

You get all of the above for to experience the Prosperity plan in an abundant way


Access to all of the above