Affiliate Program

My affiliate program covers my Card Deck Creation Course and other coaching opportunities. I pay $200 on the Self Study Course and a bonus commission on Done With You and Done For You Upgrades.

I don't have any fancy hoops for you to jump through to become my affiliate, if you're excited about sharing the possibilities of Card Decks with your people, I'd love to JV!

All you need to do is sign up here:

Sign Up Here

Here's What Happens When You Sign Up to be an Affiliate:

  • You’ll receive your own special link that will track all of your referrals to my program.
  • You can share on your website, blog, social media, personally with friends, using your special link. 
  • Commissions earned are held for a 30 day period and paid on the 10th of each month. (Example – Commissions earned in June will be paid on August 10th).

Thanks For Respecting The Rules:

  • We don’t allow affiliates to send unsolicited emails to promote our website. (Any affiliate breaking this rule will be terminated without notice.)
  • To keep the integrity and spirit of our affiliate program, ordering or signing up through your own affiliate link is prohibited. (Any self-serve commissions will be deleted in order to ensure that all affiliates receive proper credit for their sales)

We're all in this together. You're helping me help your people help their people. Since that is super awesome, you'll earn a 50% commission on each sale of this self study course.  That sounds like a win win for everyone! 

Thanks so much for sharing the goods & let me know if you have a creative idea for reaching your people together.

Affiliate Tools: Card Deck Creation Course

Affiliate Tools: Journal Creation Course (Launching November 27th)