Journal Creation Course

7 Modules 0 Chapters 26 Lessons Easy

About this course

I’m teaching how to create a journal. A Journal is yet another tool for growth, expansion and transformation. A powerful tools that gives direction, permission, ideas, inspiration, motivation and guidance. 

A Journal is not just a book of blank pages. It’s full of strategically placed open spaces and interesting places for pondering and digging deep.

The perfect tool for helping your clients succeed.  

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Course Structure

5 Lessons

Module Two/ Brainstorming

Let's come up with your great idea...

3 Lessons

Module Three/ Inside Pages

The inside matters...

M3/Lesson 1: How to Use Canva to Create Your Inner Pages

Sign up for Canva right here! 

If you're brand new at Canva, here are a few good tutorials to learn the basics and many more on youtube as well as a complete library right on Canva.  Here are 2:  

Designing with Canva

Canva Basics 
There are tons of videos on youtube if you are want to become a Canva expert.

M3/Lesson 2: Follow a Journal Thru Canva

Watch as I show you how I created my journal in canva.

M3/Lesson 3: How to use Apple's "pages" to create your inner pages

If you're blessed enough to own a Mac, you can create wonderful things using pages. In this video I show you how to design your interior pages. 

1 Lesson

Peanut Butter & Jelly and your Journal

Final thoughts on your journal and you...

Final Thoughts

If you want to add the peanut butter to your jam.... you can access the Card Deck Creation Course and create your very own awesome card deck. 

***If this is your first course with me and you've completed your journal, take a picture of it and send it to me at su[email protected].  I'll send you a congratulations gift!