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Come with me thru the process I call 

The definition of ANTE UP is ”a fun card playing term for a mandatory stake made before the game begins”

As a Card Deck Creator, Ante Up translates to taking the time to discover the strongest foundation and idea for which to build your deck (house) of cards - giving you the best product and one you are proud to share.  

Let's begin with the welcome video


Now you can print out your worksheet below and watch the video modules. 
Let's see what magical ideas come out for you!

Meet Fellow Creators
Melissa, Rayven & Maruxa

You will watch 3 Case Studies using 3 different Creators who are  all up to something different. In each case, the Creator knew she wanted a deck of cards to enhance her business and offer value to her client,
but she could not zero in on her strong idea.  

You'll be amazing that after just 2-3 each Creator had come clear on their idea. You can see what they come up with in the Follow Up Videos and you'll also see the finished products for 2 of the case studies!  

Meet Melissa

The Grand Finale!
Melissa's Successful "Spark" Card Deck

Meet Rayven

The Grand Finale!
Rayven's Successful "Eat the Pickle" Card Deck

Meet Maruxa

Going through the Ante Up process gives you clarity and confidence to move forward with your deck. Once you have this strong foundation, creating a useful and impactful product that you are super proud to share is as easy as jumping into the Card Deck Course.     

With your idea in mind, 
you're ready to get your card deck into your hand.

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