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Demonstrative Transformational Talks, Teachings and
Sleeping Naked After 40 Book Signing Parties


Crazy fun and super empowering… demonstrations, tastings and tidbits…
designed and presented by Rosie Battista with your audience’s best interest in mind.

” Anything is possible. No matter what your age or stage. “

[one_half]Rosie Battista shares her inspirational story of BELIEF and POSSIBILITY with energy, humor and fun props leaving her audience inspired, motivated and armed with tips and ideas that they can take home.

Her passionate belief that all is possible with the right mind setting… she will tell you that every woman has the right and the obligation to treat themselves with heavy doses of extreme self love and extraordinary care.

Rosie is not your average Joe, but she’s the real deal. Living and loving the lifestyle of Sleeping Naked After 40, her energy is contagious and her passion is infectious.

Beware… you won’t walk out the same way you walked in.

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WATCH ROSIE on screen!


BE WHAT IT takes!


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Rosie promises a “STANDING” ovation at the end of every experience.

Talking food, mindset, lifestyle. In very creative ways.
Possibility is everywhere and anything in possible. (That’s the basis of all talks)

Whether you want one hour presentations or talks, 4 hour parties or food demos, weekend or monthly workshops, Rosie has a package and a gift for reaching your audience.

We can help you plan the most effective way to get the message to your group in fun and exciting ways.

Click on the other tabs for options and ideas of what you can bring to your group, office, or home.

Custom programs are available using a little of this and a little of that, creatively concocting the message that speaks your language to your people in the right place, space and time.
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Cooking Naked After 40 Lessons

Rosie promises a “STANDING” ovation at the end of every experience.

Warning. These tips, ideas and recipes have been shown to aid in weight loss and off the charts increased confidence levels

  1. Dress your Salad for Success (healthy dressings with no oil),
  2. Shake up your Mornings (incredible nutrition packed shakes),
  3. Treat yourself Well (sweet treats that increase your pleasure but not your waistline)

Sweetening Life without Sugar

YES you can have your cake and eat it too without expanding waist lines or
exhausting guilt trips.

A cooking demo/ tasting experience and thought provoking encounter featuring pies, brownies, and cookies made in the most unusual way. This workshop will leave the participant satiated with the experience but salivating for more. Sleeping naked after 40 treats and the sweet thoughts that go with them will inspire change and produce measurable results. The 3 experiential topics include:

  1. Being Present with Pie
  2. Surrendering with a Brownie
  3. For the Love of Cookies


[tab title=”Talks & Presentations”]

Contact Rosie for topic details and audience needs

Rosie promises a “STANDING” ovation at the end of every experience.

  2. Strength Beyond Muscle with a bling bikini and a bucket
  3. The Muffin Top on Your Waist is Thinking What You Say


[tab title=”Tastings & Parties”]

With style in mind. A book in hand. A plan in gear.

Rosie promises a “STANDING” ovation at the end of every experience.

With the right mindset in place, your audience will style a plan to support
the body they crave. This one day event is educational, informational and interactive

Participants leave the party with a Sleeping Naked After 40 Three Book Set, a Personal Powered Action Plan, an open heart and a smile. Implementable, sustainable steps and result proven practices are taken home. This party time is designed for the creation of effective body enhancements and life style changes. Connection, collaboration and creativity in a fun, relaxed atmosphere are the key components to partying like there’s only NOW.



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