Brainstorm Ante Up Access

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This workshop consists of:

(1)  2 case studies of 2 very different entrepreneurs who started out loving the idea of making a card deck but had no idea what it could look. 

(2) A "Your Turn" video workshop where I take YOU thru the same process to discover your grand idea. 

How to make the most of this workshop:

1. You'll watch the Ante Up process as I go thru it with them. 

2. Then you'll watch what happened 3 days later as their idea blossomed in the Follow Up. 

3. And finally you'll see the Success Interview and gorgeous finished Card Decks. WAHOO, imagine what is possible for you!  

4. You'll join me in the final "Your Turn" video- and let me  take YOU thru the process to uncover your grand idea. 
(worksheet is included below to printout and use while watching the YOUR TURN video)

#3 It's Your Turn Now! Print out the worksheet and watch this video as I take you thru my "Ante Up Brainstorming" Process.

This exercise will help you gain clarity and confidence to move forward with your card deck. Once you have this strong foundation set, creating a useful and impactful product that you are super proud to share is as easy as jumping into the Card Deck Creation Course or contacting me to figure out your next step.     

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Print your worksheet to use as you watch this video. Download here.