The Card Deck Creation Course!


If you are willing to invest in yourself & you business.
If you are really want to get the job done
(and not just purchase another course that you'll never complete),

This is for you. 

Are you ready ?

Repurpose your awesome content and get it straight into the hands of your client.

Reach your audience in fun new ways with an impactful tool.

Enhance your courses, compliment your book, ramp up your live video.

Grow your business and create a lucrative income stream. 

You can make beautiful cards like these other Card Deck Course Creators

Here's Your Investment to Uplevel your Business


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3 MONTHLY Payments

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/mo for 3 months


Why a Card Deck?

Card Decks are a unique and useful tool for your business tool box.
They enhance your existing content while educating, engaging and empowering your people. 

People are craving physical touch in a digital world!

Joanne holds a Friday Nite Card Read on Facebook!

Kelly sends her cards as gifts to her clients and prizes for her challenges.


Can you IMAGINE having a useful product that you are proud to share with your audience?

Can you IMAGINE having a physical product that actually impacts your clients results?

Can you IMAGINE having a creative fun tool that takes your client from A to B? 

A Card Deck is the Perfect Answer!

Your Card Deck gives you opportunity to get your message out into the
world !

You'll learn super cool ways and new ideas for using your deck to get your message out. I share over 50 ways to leverage your deck to grow your business and enhance your audiences experience. 

Your Card Deck gives you a brand presence that lives forever in your clients hands! 

In this world of digital overwhelm, you'll have a product with a personal touch - one that your client can hold, touch and actually put to good use. 

You'll always have something to talk about on live videos and social media! 

Never worry about what you'll talk about on video or at an event. Your cards hold the perfect bite size golden nuggets of content to share.

What Course Graduates Are Saying 

What’s in the course

There are 6 video modules, each focused on a different aspect of the card deck creation, so you can learn at your own pace when it's convenient for you. 

Each module is accompanied by PDF worksheets to guide you thru how to create your cards, so you can keep track of your specific tasks and options all in one place.

You'll get everything you need to know to start creating your own deck INCLUDING: 

  • how to brainstorm a good IDEA, with a little mindset and creative mediation.
  • how to create the best CONTENT for your cards, that will best enhance your audience.
  • how to layout the DESIGN, so you can be sure it makes looks and sounds super awesome
  • how to SOURCE for artistic help, and communicate what you want
  • how to get your cards PRINTED, and what to look for when you are printing 
  • how to PACKAGE them, so that they work well for how you want to use them
  • how to ENHANCE your deck in fun, unique and useful ways, that will surprise your peeps
  • how to USE them effectively and efficiently, so that you get them out into the world

I'll share what I know about the steps to making your own deck from what I learned and experience.  I'll teach you the mistakes I've made and how to avoid them.

  • You'll get my tips that make a huge difference in the finished product.
  • You'll get my favorite resources for printing, design and ideas.
  • You'll have an opportunity to add on personal coaching calls with me if you want personal attention.   
  • You'll have access to our private Facebook Group of Card Deck Creators to connect with the other awesome creatives learning, sharing and growing together. 


Module 1: Brainstorming Your Idea

Module 1 is about getting ready, setting the foundation for your creativity to flow and deciphering what constitutes a great idea. 


Module 2: Creating Great Content

Module 2 will chunk down your ideas into great content  and you'll begin to develop the best plan for what you want from your card deck and the delivery of your message.


Module 3: Packaging & Enhancing 

Module 3 offers many fun options and you'll discover how you want your deck to be wrapped up and presented. 


Module 4: Printing Your Card Deck

Module 4 is the process of printing and the decisions you'll need to make before you get to the printer. You'll be deciding which print options work best for your criteria and end use.


Module 5: Tackling the Design

Module 5 is all about the decisions you need to make to create the design. The tools I show you are FREE so there's no extra cost added to creating your card deck. 


Module 6: Leveraging Your Card Deck

Module 6 will talk all about what the many ways you can use your deck to grow your business, enhance your client's experience, and build a lucrative income stream.

Plus these amazing things...

So Much Awesomeness is Here For YOU !

What Course Graduates Are Saying 

More Heartfelt Thanks 

Hi I'm Rosie! 

I've got a gift  for seeing other peoples inner gift and how they can share it in the form of a physical product. If you come anywhere near me, I just can’t help myself, an idea for you will fly out of my mouth. I am here to offer my gift to you so that you can begin to share your gifts with your audience thru a creative product that speaks your message.  My training as a coach and spiritual concierge, allows me to assist you in discarding your old patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back from your innate creative, expansive, flowing gorgeousness. 

I believe everyone has a unique gift just waiting to be shared with the world. I'm determined to help you unleash yours! 

Why You Should Put Your Deck In My Hands 

I love card decks!   

I've collected and used many over the years, affirmation, angel, goddess, tarot, quotes.  One day,  a friend called me Queen Of Card Decks, which ultimately became my domain name.

I’ve always been good at turning big topics into bite size jewels of information so it’s easily digestible and actually do-able!  That's how I like to learn and teach...

After creating several for my personal brand, I began making them for others.

Now I teach how you can make your own card deck. I support you in planning and producing a gorgeous card deck that speaks your message, infused with passion and flavored with love,  that will enhance your client’s experience and help you build another stream of income.

And don't worry, I'm the real deal :-) I'm not teaching you anything I haven't done myself!

Cards decks are a super fun way to light the world with your brilliance
and get your message into the hands of your client…

Imagine what your very own deck could look like? 

(These photos are the beautiful results from Card Deck Creators & Course Graduates!)

Most Popular (Save $105) 




3 MONTHLY Payments

It's here if you need it




/mo for 3 months


This Self Study Course consists of 6 video modules.
Includes Private Facebook Group & One Free Month in Creative Zone Marketing & Mastermind Membership


If you're the type that prefers, wants or needs concierge personal support,
the answer is YES!
You will have opportunity to add on personal coaching sessions with Rosie too.  
Fill out the form below and Rosie will contact you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need more accountability & support?

How long with the course take? 

How long will it take to complete a deck of cards? 

Will you share trade secrets and inside information? 

Will I have my deck completed by the end of the course?

I'm not creative or artistic, can I still make a card deck? 

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Card Deck Creation Course Question

You're gonna love this fun creative process!

Hello Gorgeous! 

I'm so happy to meet you here. 

It is my wish to inspire you to let your creative genius out to play, so you can enhance your business and the clients you love by touching them with your unique message and beautifully created physical product!

If you haven't said YES yet, I am guessing it might be that you're not sure what kind of card deck you'd create... get this free taste of creativity here.

I've created a short but powerful video for you showing Eleven Examples of how different businesses use card decks. This will get your creative genius fired up with an idea that you might never have thought of before ! 


Ready when you are - work at your own pace.
Everything you need to create your own deck.

Including LIVE group calls with Rosie! 


6 Video Modules 
"No Guesswork" Section
6 PDF Worksheets
Private Facebook Group
Full access to Q and A Library 
4 "Card Deck LIVE" Group Sessions