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Are you looking for the perfect physical product?

Are you ready to put your message into your clients hands?

Are you wanting to help your clients progress and take action?

Are you excited to create a tool your audience can actually use?

Are you ready to grow your community, build your business and create a lucrative income stream?



for Coaches

Card Decks are a gem of a coaching tool! 

It's a golden nugget of your delicious content that is easily digestible.  It's a soft but powerful whisper rising above the noise. It's the opportunity to help your client take small action steps in the direction of their goals and dreams.

As an entrepreneur, your number one priority is getting your message out there for clients & customers to hear loud and clear. You want to enhance their experience, help them expand, grow, learn, and take action.

I know this because I am a lifelong entrepreneur.  

15 years ago I created my first card deck and fell in love with the results.

It was  a "Self Love Card Deck"  that helped my clients take small action steps that made a huge difference in how they felt about themselves. The cards were inspiring, informative, motivational & actionable. I saw amazing changes happen.

Now I want to help you make a product that is intriguing, impactful and effective. 

A product that will grow your business, build your community and create a lucrative income stream.

YOU Are Why I Created

The Card Deck Creation Course

You have an amazing message to share. 

Let me help you unleash your gift & pour your creative genius

into a physical product that your client & customers can hold in their hand.

You can use this amazing tool to: 

  • Repurpose your already awesome content into an easy to consume product
  • Improve your clients experience - they'll love the unique & impactful messages 
  • Help clients progress in fun new ways
  • Offer a different experience for taking in information
  • Build an active growing community
  • Enhance your online courses
  • Compliment your book(s) and journal(s)
  • Ramp up your live videos
  • Create a lucrative income stream

Your card deck will continue supporting your clients/customers even when you're not with them.

Here's What You Get

You get 6 video modules with each one focused on a different aspect needed to create your card deck.
You work at your own pace and also get the much loved live support for accountability and successful completion of your project.!

6 Video Modules with Action Sheets to Track your Progress

Module 1: Guided Brainstorming
Gives you the tools to brainstorm a great idea. You may have multiple ideas or you may have none. Here you'll discover the best one for a success deck. 

Module 2: Crafting Great Content
Focuses on pulling your content together to support your idea. You'll get clear on what content you want to highlight to make an impactful card deck. 

Module 3: Packaging & Enhancing
Inspires your creativity. This is where you can go all out making your product stand out and be a unique representation of your brand/message.

Module 4: Getting your Cards Printed
Gives you the clarity to select the printer that will work best for your needs - helping you avoid common mistakes or waste money. 

Module 5: Tackling the Design
Pull it altogether. You''ll begin the process of putting your content onto your cards. You'll learn 2 free tools to become the designer of your own deck. 

Module 6: Ideas for Leveraging & Selling
Shows you the many ways to attract your clients and enhance their experience.  You'll see what others are up to, what's works & be inspired to rock it.

You also get these great bonuses:

    I make it easy and give you the how so you can get it done, avoiding wasted time & common mistakes.
  • Q and A LIBRARY
    You'll find the answers to just about every question possible from other students who started just like you. 
    Your deck will look stellar and professional by following my tips and resources. You'll fall in love with your product. 

And Because I Want to See You Succeed,

You Also Get These Amazing Interactive Things 


For 6 ZOOM CALLS in an intimate group setting. This is huge! The best investment of your time so you're accountable and committed to creating your amazing card deck.

You get me live for accountability, support, inspiration and answers.  You'll get to share your work, celebrate your successes and get valuable feedback. 

Value for this alone $597.


It's just us in the group -  me, you and a group of inspiring creatives.  

Here's where you get to ask questions, watch new live videos, be inspired by what others are doing, inspire others by what you're doing, invite feedback from a group and meet other creative geniuses on a similar journey.

Value for this alone is $997. 

Check Out These Gorgeous Results 

Your Audience Can't Wait Another Day! 

In as little as 2 months you can be sharing your message, helping your clients and creating a lucrative income stream with your very own Card Deck.

Be my next Success Story!

Choose Your Investment to Uplevel Your Business


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It's here if you need it! 



/per mo. for 3 months

aka: Rosie Battista

I've been creating products for my most of my adult life and coaching since 2006. 

I started with hand painted clothing moving on to baby hats and bonnets which sold in 400 Childrens boutiques around the country. Created hand made one of a kind handbags, Christmas stockings and pillows. As co-creator of a line of high end women's dresses featured at the International Woman's Expo and high end boutiques in NYC.  I have authored a book, a cookbook, and several journals and card decks.

Along with teaching hundreds of students in my self guided course, I also work with private clients to create card decks and journals for them. 

I know what it takes to create a product that you're proud to sell. I know what it takes to create a product with a price that is marketable.  

I'm totally committed to your Card Deck.  My promise is that if you are committed to your Card Deck too, you won't leave my course without one in your hands. 

I am excited to see what you create!

Here's what other 

Entrepreneurs have created in the Course

Claudette's Card Deck
 helps make step parenting easy.

Rayven's Card Deck
 helps you out of your comfort zone.

Alex's Card Deck

helps you enjoy your walks.

Judy's Card Deck

helps you create your legacy.

Pat's Card Deck

 helps you get past your blocks.

Kimberley's Card Deck

 helps you become a leader.

Brenda's Card Deck
 helps you get divine guidance.

Charlotte's Card Deck
 helps you achieve daily harmony.

Erin's Card Deck
 helps boost your confidence.



These are just a few of the different businesses that have created beautiful card decks:

Life Coach

Leadership Coach

Content Marketer

Spiritual Coach

Reiki Master

Step Mom Coach 

Sleep Time Guide

Confidence Coach

Nature Coach

Video Marketing Expert

Massage Therapist

Equestrian Therapist

Legacy Coach

Transformational Coach
Professional Organizer

Dance Worship Minister

Networking Guru

Lifestyle Business Coach 

Health & Wellness Expert

Aging Gracefully Coach
Mindset & Self Care Mentor

Creative Writing Teacher

Life Coach

Leadership Coach

Content Marketing Coach

Spiritual Coach

Soul Coach

Step Mom Coach 

Sleep Time Coach

Confidence Coach

Nature Coach

Video Marketing Coach

Creative Writing Coach

Equestrian Therapy Coach

Legacy Coach

Transformational CoachSelf Love Coach

Dance Worship Coach

Networking Coach

Lifestyle Business Coach 

Health & Wellness Coach

Aging Gracefully CoachMindset & Self Care Coach

Renegade Coach

My intention for you

"No one gets out of my course
without a card deck in their hand" 

This is what I want for you!

I teach you everything I have learned for my 15 years of making card decks, so you come out with a gorgeous product that you are proud to have created and even prouder to share/sell.  I know you're gonna love it, but you'll have 7 days after purchase, if you decide it's not for you, you will receive a 100 % refund. 

WARNING WARNING : Card Deck Creating is addictive.  Most of my clients create multiple card decks. Sorry, not sorry ! :-)


Asked Questions

What if I need more accountability and  support?

The course gives you 4 free weeks in the Creative Zone Group for great forward moving accountability. If you want personal attention you can add on a "Private Coaching Upgrade" where you and I will meet for 2 sessions to focus on your card deck and your business.  And of course, if you don't want to worry about a thing, I can do it all for you in my "Done for You" Program!
Email [email protected] to request an upgrade or consultation.

How long does it take to create & complete a deck?

This is dependent on what type of cards you are making, what type of artwork you are using and how quickly you complete the course and your content.  It's possible to complete a deck anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months or more. You decide and work at your own pace. Everything you need to complete your card deck is offered in this course.

Will you share your trusted resources?

I'll share all I've learned and my resources used from my experiences in making card decks. 

Will I have my deck complete by end of the course?

You will have all the information you need to create a deck of cards. This is a self guided course and how you process and participate is totally up to you. Your pace, your way, in your time.  If you follow along the program, you will come out the other end with a deck of cards,  just like the examples I've shown you here. 

If I'm not that creative, can I still make a deck?

Everyone is creative in their own unique way. If you're asking this question, you have some doubts about whether you can do it. YOU CAN!  This course will show you how!

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course consists of 6 modules videos ranging from 10 to 45 minutes.  It is totally up to you to take as long as you need or as quickly as you want. As a bonus, you'll get a TIME MANAGEMENT TRACKER so you can plan and track your tasks to complete your deck when you want

Again, here's

What You Get...

  1. 1
    Six Video Self Guided Modules : easy to follow, watch at your pace in your own space 
  2. 2
    No Guesswork Video Section:  you'll learn the how part so you can do it without guessing or mistakes  
  3. 3
    Private Facebook Group : live videos, questions answered, inspiration given, ideas popping  
  4. 4
    4 Live Group Sessions with Rosie: you get me live for accountability, support, inspiration, answers  
  5. 5
    1 Year of Actual Student Q & A Videos : powerful way to learn from other students who were on the same path as you are 
  6. 6
    Resource, Size Templates & Tips : everything you need to be successful and get your cards out into the world 

That's everything you need to be successful! 


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It's here if you need it! 



/per mo. for 3 months

Gorgeous Graduate

 Success Portfolio

Pat's Card Deck
helps bring out your inner little girl.

Patricia's Card Deck

helps you bring daily affirmations to your day.

Charles's Card Deck

helps you easily tackle creative writing.

Marie's Card Deck

helps you connect with others. 

Melissa's Card Deck

helps you keep active with content.

Rosie's Card Decl

helps you center in and calm down.

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