Are you a transformational leader looking for the perfect teaching tool that:

  • is impactful, actionable and doable for your clients
  • makes learning easy and enjoyable for your clients
  • puts your content directly into client hands
  • builds your business, community and bank account

Look no further than a Card Deck! 

Scroll and see graduates from my Card Deck Creation Course.

All types of coaches helping all kinds of people.

Rosie, Card Deck Creator,
helps you remember who you truly are. .

Dean, Leader/Self Education Revolution
 helps you change your sales & service mindset.

Dr. Ali, Sales & Leadership Coach

helps you embrace spiritual sales.

Rosie, Spiritual Concierge,
helps you embrace the Great I AM.

Rhonda, Therapist,
 helps you improve your listening skills.

Lana, Intuitive Healer

helps make muscle testing easy for you.

Martin, Life Coach
helps you live live to the fullest.

Liz, Artist, Cancer Advocate
 helps you understand the cancer journey..

Marian, Course Creator

helps you learn to use frequency numbers.

Lisa, Business Coach
helps you chose your value for business & life.

Jan, Child Educator/Writer
 helps you learn and master dowsing..

Frances, Craniosacral Therapist

helps you take better care of body & spirit.

Patty, Content Creator
helps you add movement & dance to your life.

Lorrie, Personal Growth Coach
 helps you feel better and more connected..

Sandra, Energy Healer

helps you heel physically and emotionally..

Carrie, Life Coach,
helps you take one small step toward your dream.

Joanne, Wholistic Trainer,
 helps you get your guidance.

Lou, Video Master

helps you show up in style of video.

Brook Packard, Sleep Expert,
helps you make bedtime beautiful

Becky, Massage Therapist,
 helps you be calm and breathe.

Pat, Oil Artist

helps you recognize the beauty around you.

Sinda, Artist
helps re-align your chakra energy

Rosie, Self Love Coach,
 helps you step by step to self love.

Anja, Financial Coach

helps you become a financial femme fatale.

Rosie, Card Deck Coach,
 helps get out there with your Card Deck.

Pattie, Renegade Coach,
 helps you access your inner renegade no matter.

Delores, Mindset Coach

helps you see passed the mask you wear.

Brenda, Lenormand Coach,
 helps you access your intuition.

Sinda, Inspiration Coach,
 helps you step into your power.

Lane, Health Coach,

helps you implement self care practices.

Kathy & Cindy, Queens of their own Life,
 helps women step own their Queen

Lorraine, Spiritual Coach
 helps you understand cosmic law

Pat, Personal Trainer

helps you embrace all that you are.

Deborah,  Healer and Colorist,
 helps you find your true potential.

Dortha, Virtual Assistant,
 helps you bring nature to your desk.

Yamilette, Social Media Expert,

helps you get seen on social media.

Marian, Healer & Frequency Coach,
 helps activate spontaneous healing.

Steph, Activation Coach,
 helps you activate your chakras.

Jumoke, Therapist,

helps you embrace all that you are.

Connie, Spiritual Mentor,
 helps understand sacred soul contracts.

Pat, Writing Coach
 helps prompt your writing with no blocks.

Barbara, Meditation Coach, 

helps you relax and center in.

Claudette, Step Mom Coach,
 helps make step parenting easy.

Rayven, Manifestation Coach,
 helps you out of your comfort zone.

Alex, Mindful Nature Coach,

helps you consistenly enjoy walks.

Judy, Legacy Coach, 

helps you create your legacy.

Pat, Life Coach,

 helps you get past your blocks.

Kimberley, Business Coach, 

 helps you expand into leadership.

Brenda, Lenormand Card Reader,
 helps you read for divine guidance.

Charlotte, Life Coach,
 helps you achieve daily harmony.

Erin, Confidence Coach,
 helps boost your confidence.

Pat, Life Coach,
helps bring out your inner little girl.

Patricia, Worship Mentor,

helps bring daily affirmations to your day.

Charles, Creative Writing Coach, 

helps you easily tackle creative writing.

Marie, Networking Guru,

helps you gracefully connect with others. 

Melissa, Content Coach

helps you keep active with content.

Rosie, Self Love Coach

helps you center in and calm down.

I love helping you create this extraordinary product! 

I've been creating products for my most of my adult life and coaching since 2006. 

I started with hand painted clothing moving on to baby hats and bonnets which sold in 400 Childrens boutiques around the country. Created hand made one of a kind handbags, Christmas stockings and pillows. As co-creator of a line of high end women's dresses featured at the International Woman's Expo and high end boutiques in NYC.  I have authored a book, a cookbook, and several journals and card decks.

Along with teaching hundreds of students in my self guided course, I also work with private clients to create card decks and journals for them. 

I know what it takes to create a product that you're proud to sell. I know what it takes to create a product with a price that is marketable.  

I'm totally committed to your Card Deck.  My promise is that if you are committed to your Card Deck too, you won't leave my course without one in your hands. 

I am excited to see what you create!

© 2023, Rosie Battista