Build Your Self Love Muscle

With My Practical Principles Of Self Love, 
You Will Enhance Your Life & Business!

These days everyone seems to be talking about self love.

You might know what it is.

You might have no clue.

You might agree it’s a good thing to embrace.

What is Self Love?

The best way to describe it is to tell you what happens when you embrace it.

  1. you’ll improve your relationship with others
  2. you’ll feel better in and about your body
  3. you’ll bring more joy into your life
  4. you'll be calmer, more centered and connected

Does Your Self Love Muscle
Need Some Growth? 

Use this quick checklist to see if your self love muscle
needs attention. 

  • You’re concerned what other people will think about you 
  • You put everyone else first before yourself
  • You find yourself in situations and places where you really don’t want to be
  • You have no time for yourself and never really have any fun
  • You’re self care practices are in the toilet or just about ready to fall in 
  • You’re afraid to ask for what you want
  • You’re not sure you’re good enough to put your creativity out into the world
  • Your boundaries are weak or non existent
  • You're not convinced you have any gifts or talents that would be of value to anyone

Most of my life, I had no clue what self love was.

There was a time when I could answer yes to all of these questions.  

Hello I'm Rosie !

As a Coach, Creative, and Spiritual Counselor, I  teach Spiritual Essentials and Self Love You-tensils that enhance your life and business.   For the past 14 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help women remember who they truly are. This discovery allows them to finally uncover their gifts and get out there to share them with the world. First though, comes self love and from that foundation, miracles begin to show up and anything becomes possible.

At 49 years old, my life fell massively apart. Not all in one day, but in small incremental crumblings until it felt like every single thing I knew was gone.  I was in a deep dark hole. (I’ll share the details of that story in a bit ). 

Have you had this kind of experience?

Where you felt like a dark cloud(s) were following you everywhere, everyday? 

Continually dumping on you ? Until you sunk so deep, you lost sight of any clear pathway out?

You get the picture?

I believe I found myself there because of choices I made that were 
NOT self loving. 

Hell, for much of my life, Ummm, yup, about 49 years, I had no clue what self love was or what to do with it. 

That was me...

And then one day, I found myself on my basement floor, sobbing on my knees…asking the question, 

“Okay God, what now?”

TAKE A QUICK LISTEN TO THE FULL STORY that brought me to my knees, the answer I got to the question I asked, what I did about it and how I came to fall in love with myself.

I’m sharing my story to inspire you to change your own story for the better. 

My story may be the catalyst to help you break free from the story you tell yourself about yourself. The one that keeps you stuck right where you are. The one that keeps you from creating what you want for your life.

And what does this have to do with self love? 

Choosing anything other than self love for your life, will cause you pain.

If like me, you’ve ever struggled with how to love yourself or even if you’re wondering what the heck self love is, what the fuss is all about, and more importantly how to do it, you’re in the right place. 

I believe the ability to be self loving is based on this ONE THING.

I reveal it in the video. 

Take a peek at the video and you’ll see. 

If you watched the video (I hope you did!) I so want you to see how the lessons learned from this 53 year old bodybuilding figure competitor, me, will inspire YOU to build a more loving life for yourself.

Because if I can do it, you can do it. 

****(Don’t panic, this is not about a body building competition. It’s about using what you already have to get what you want) 

No matter what your age or stage or what you want to do, you can use what I learned to help you build your self love muscle.


"I can't give enough compliments about Rosie's classes that I've attended. Rosie is authentic. She is unique and special and has great talent in many areas. I've learned so much about myself, nutrition, meditation and other self awareness practices.  I would recommend taking any classes Rosie offers. They are truly learning experiences. "

Evie Singer 



"I love all the classes I've take with Rosie. Her artistic and well thought out approaches gave me insight into the relationships I have with family, friends and colleagues. My favorite part was meeting like-minded women and creating life-long friendships. Always a fun experience." 

Anne Marie Bentzlin


"I found Rosie's classes to be inspiring. We used fun and creative exercises to uncover deeper issues. It was an environment that allowed me to work through some of my personal blockages along side a supportive group of women".

Kaitlyn Paliotti
Personal Trainer/ Nutritionist/ 

Join My Brand New Practical Principles of Self Love Masterclass!

Here’s what you get:

LIVE Experiential Master Class Trio - you'll attend 3 small group classes- where you'll get insight into the principles, and how you can implement action steps that will enhance your life.  We'll meet as a small group. Conversation, connection, sharing, inspiration and growth will occur.

Each class will focus on one of the core principles - focused on getting real, letting go, and bringing in the love.  Anyone can use these principles to accomplish anything they set out to do in - business or in life. 

No matter what age, stage or situation, you will learn how to integrate these concepts into your life and business to accomplish the things you want and live the life you want. 

On the live calls, each core principles of self love will be explained in detail. 

And that’s not all.

First, we’ll uncover what’s holding you back, so we can move past it and create a plan of action for moving forward. 

You’ll leave each call with a deeper understanding and a new perspective. You’ll see how YOU can integrate self love - using each principle -  to make the changes you’ve been wanting for your life and business. 

Self Love or Lack of it shows up everywhere.

When we do things that are not self loving, we suffer. 

When we do things from a place of self love, everyone wins. 

Your Access To The Masterclass Is Only $197

Bonus: AUDIO mp3 - I've recorded a powerful self love audio mediation for you to listen to whenever you need to hear it!

Bonus: VISUAL Dear Self, Love Letter Template - you fill in the blanks and read it when you need to see it 

Class One:  Sunday Nov 3 @ 7 pm EST
Class Two:  Tuesday Nov 5 @ 10 am EST
Class Three:  Thursday Nov 7 @ 1 pm EST 

Do Say Yes - Because Everything Rises And Falls With Self Love.

You can no longer ignore it.

MORE SELF LOVE = a happier healthier life

Yup, imagine that!

This simple equation is actually the result
you’ll experience from learning these skills. 

You may be thinking now, Rosie, "Are you promising I’ll be happier after taking your master class?"

The answer is “YES, if you want to be”. You’ll have at your disposal, the tools to use,  you’ll understand exactly how to use them, and things will make more sense. 

Once you start implementing them, you’ll be on the self love path, improving every day. 

"Knowing what tools to use and understanding the practice and art of self love is the key!"

The principles you discover in my masterclass will become your foundation for everything.  They will inspire and remind you to think and act in a different way, creating the new results you want.

$197 for all this love !

Three Session Masterclass
Guided Meditation
Self Love Letter Template

Love, always