Rosie Battista Creative Portfolio

You are unique! Your message is unique!

The Card Deck I create for you is based on YOUR brand, YOUR style, YOUR message, YOUR dream and how you will be using YOUR product. 

My "Done-for-You" Creative Service is a Personal Concierge Experience. I take you from the dream to the idea, everything and anything in between until your Card Deck is in your hand. 

These are just a few of my VIP clients and the cards that I have created for them. The Card Deck I create for you is not in my style, it's in yours - perfectly aligned with you and your brand!  We become a creative team with the goal for you to have fun and for me to fulfill your dream product - one that you are excited and proud to share. 

Meet Joanne Angel Barry Colon.  As a healer, intuitive and fitness coach, she had a dream of a card deck that would incorporate her fascination with the moon, her love of numerology and chakras. Her 44-Card Deck helps people reset their energy, access clarity and raise their vibration.  

Meet Pattie Dubrowski. Pattie loves life, will not back down, sit it out, or be a cop out just because she's a woman "of a certain age". An inspiration to many, she uses her card deck to encourage and inspire women to live the Renegade Life. Her 48-Card Deck is for the powerful, independent thinker who draws a line in the sand against the negative aspects of societal norms. 

Meet Marie Fratoni.  Marie is a community leader who makes a difference sharing her love of networking and connecting.  Hearts are the perfect representation for her message of becoming savvy, social and successful.  Her 48-Card Deck includes an additional guidebook with 53 Ice Breakers for a fun conversation with a new friend and building relationships beyond that.