Shine. Share. Sell.  

You have gorgeous product(s) and you really want to help others
with your content & message.

You are ready to share your brilliance and sell your stuff while
expanding and growing yourself & your business! 

 How can you do this? 

The Creative Zone Master Program provides the space exclusively for Card Deck & Journal Creators who are ready to continue the process of expansion for
self & business. You are ready for heartfelt sharing, organic marketing and
getting your products to your audience with ease and joy.

  • You want your SALES to flow organically and with ease. 
  • You're ready to start making MONEY in your business. 
  • You're determined to have a PLAN for your PRODUCTS and how they work together.
  • You crave COMMUNITY and CONNECTION in a creative environment. 
  • You're looking for CLARITY on what your product offers look like.
  • You're excited to show up as an EMPOWERED & CONFIDENT entrepreneur. 

The Creative Zone Master Program gives you a coach by your side in affordable style and accessible fashion, with commitment, continuity and consistency.  

You'll be part of a group of creative entrepreneurs who are working smarter not harder. Reaping all the benefits of community, connection and accountability. 

You'll learn practical consistent steps for using your products effectively and profitably.  You'll get clear on what you want (your desire), what you offer (your value),  who you are talking to (your perfect client) and how your products all work together (your system) to create a business
you love!

 Hello From Rosie

I started putting myself out there way back in 1991 - before Facebook, Instagram, Websites or the internet, I knocked on doors to get my product (children's hats and bonnets) into the world. Door by door, I knocked, until I had my merchandise in 400 boutique stores across the country and in London, Macy's and children's catalogs. 

Off to the internet I went in 2006 with the belief that it is our job in this world to share our God-given talents and unique gifts.  I moved on to creating tee shirts, ladies clothing, custom handbags and pillows. Then on to coaching, teaching, writing books, and creating journals and card decks. 

It's my pleasure to lead a group of genius creatives who are ready and willing to evolve and up level to their next success, understand their value and worth, be clear in what they offer that will impact lives, and be financially rewarded for their brilliance. 

Being in the Zone is being in the flow of your creativity & genius.

Being in the Zone is upleveling your personal and business growth. 

Being in the Zone is saying yes to stepping up, shining, sharing & selling.

Being in the Zone is knowing you've got a gift to give & you're ready to let it flow.

 Here's What You Get


This is a 3 month program meeting twice a month for 90 minutes in a small intimate group. (A total of 6 sessions) 


The Heart Seat is the opportunity to receive personal focused attention on you- You'll have an opportunity to have laser coaching to address your concerns, questions and challenges and get progressive solutions. 


A private intimate group platform for ongoing sharing, feedback, encouragement, accountability and support between our live sessions. 


Downloadable Action Book to hold your discoveries and findings. A Product Guide for creation and flow. 

Program offered by invitation only. 
Begins on Monday March 8

Mondays 4pm: March 8, March 22, April 5, April 19, May 3, May 17
with bonus celebration commencement on May 31.

Your Investment

$ 1997

Quick Act Early Bird Pricing & Bonus 

(or 4 payments of 350)

AND get a Card Deck interview with Rosie on Instagram IG TV

Pay In Full 

Simple, fast and effective flexible move





4 Month Pay Option 

If you need it, it's here for you.






Here's what some in the Zone have to say about it: 

Anastasia Papanikolaou,
Healer, Alchemist

The Creative Zone Program and Rosie Battista was incredibly transformative for me. 

It can at the most perfect time for me. The program  addresses self-limiting beliefs and dismantles them as well as self-limiting beliefs about money.

Rosie takes you from soup to nuts in looking at yourself, your business where you are and where you'd like to be.  I learned so much from other's journeys alongside mine.

I highly, highly recommend this program to anyonelooking to support the growth of their business.  You will grow exponentially as a person as a result with Rosie's loving guidance.   

Marian Egan
Artist, Healer

Having completed Rosie’s course, Creative Zone Fall 2021, I now have the confidence and the necessary tools to teach my Healing Card Deck Wisdom Insight and Foresight.

The challenge of posting daily to the group of the Money Journal and my FB posts was not easy but this helped me to share, who I am, what I do and how I do things. Whether it was business orientated or not.

I have always been a shy individual and still am in some ways, but course helped me realize that I have so much to offer others, and I have a responsibility and obligation not to keep such valuable gifts to myself.

Judy Ranieri
Wisdom Coach 

My favorite part was doing the homework and being able to discuss them with other participants. They helped keep me focused.

The class is informational and gives  you a road map to get to where you want to go. 

Rosie's constant feedback is crucial to this program in a positive upbeat and productive way.

I always had the feeling that your number one goal was to help me succeed. 

Charles Fischer, 
Author, Teacher 

I would say that it is perfect for people who are still trying to figure things out business-wise.

I would recommend to anyone who recently developed a product, for example.