The Creative Zone 
Upleveling all areas of your life and business

Being in the Zone is being in the flow of creativity, genius & personal growth.

Being in the Zone means becoming the woman God intended you to be.

Being in the Zone is saying yes to sharing, shining and selling.

Being in the Zone is knowing you've got a gift to give & you're ready to let it flow.

Know yourself on a deeper level so you can 

uplevel all areas of your business! 

Yay! You're here.

Exactly where you're supposed to be. 

You have gorgeous product(s) and a powerful message and you're ready to get out there. 

You are ready to share your brilliance and sell your stuff while 

expanding and growing yourself ! 

  • You want your sales to flow organically with ease.
  • You want your people to be "moved" by your products.
  • You want to learn different, new & exciting ways to grow your business.
  • You want consistent forward movement with ease and grace.
  • You want to feel comfortable & confident and have fun as a business owner.

This Mastermind Membership means having a coach by your side in affordable style and accessible fashion. With commitment, continuity and consistency.  Its being part of a group of creative entrepreneurs dancing along with you on the same shining path. It's about working smarter not harder. It's about small doable consistent steps, not manic racing or rushing. It's a nice, fun stroll thru the park, not a mad dash to the finish line.  It's getting to know who you are and expanding into what you are truly capable.

Sound like exactly what you need? 

Ready! Let's do this! 





Hi  I'm Rosie 

I started putting myself out there way back in 1991 - before Facebook, Instagram, Websites or the internet, I knocked on doors to get my product (children's hats and bonnets) into the world. Door by door, I knocked, until I had my merchandise in 400 boutique stores across the country and in London, Macy's and children's catalogs. 

Off to the internet I went in 2006 with the belief that it is our job in this world to share our God-given talents and unique gifts.  I moved on to creating tee shirts, ladies clothing, custom handbags and pillows. Then on to coaching, teaching, writing books, and creating journals and card decks. 

It's my pleasure to facilitate a group of likeminded creatives that are ready and willing to step up, get to know who they really are, share and light the world with their brilliance. 

“The Creative Zone”

Life & Business Mastermind

I've started the Creative Zone Marketing and Mindset Mastermind Membership  to provide the space exclusive for Card Deck Creators  and continue the process of expansion
for self & business, for marketing, sharing and
getting your products out there with ease and joy. 

The goal is fun forward movement while making a positive impact on the world. 


We meet once a month for 90 minutes in a small intimate group. 


Private Forum for ongoing sharing, feedback, encouragement, accountability.


Educational, motivation, inspiration books & exercises for the growth and expansion you're looking for - all supporting your life and business.


Personal focused attention on you - You'll sit in this seat monthly -allowing  you to get your questions and challenges sorted out with the amazing powers of the mastermind and loving attention of a coach.

Your investment

 $297 month

Here's what those in the Zone have to say about it: 

Be the woman God intended you to be.

get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can rock your business.

I believe everyone has a unique gift to be shared. 

I believe now is the time to stand up, to shine, to share and to make a difference in others lives. To fully step into the powers you have within.  

 I'm super excited for us to be together,