Sleeping Naked After 40’s D’Inner Works

The Sleeping Naked After 40 D’Inner Works Is

A Woman’s Self Empowerment Workshop (meets monthly for 6 times) 

… where magic happens and anything is possible. 

We dine. We talk. We learn. We connect. We share.  We discover. We uncover. We dig in. We grow. We love. One Circle. United Camaraderie. Dedicated Commitment. Unique Connection. Intense Conversation.

Here are the specifics and details for this amazing group of Goddesses.

WHAT’S in it for you:

Education, Accountability, Support along with a “yum-azingly night out, filled with a naked” dinner, prepared with love by a gourmet professional chef and served in style at a very special place and sacred space.  

In intimate safety, you’ll be learning, growing, experiencing and changing for the better as you experience the following CONCEPTS

  • Connect ~to likeminded women on a similar path
  • Content ~ take in invaluable information, skills, tips and tools for moving yourself forward
  • Camaraderie ~ share with other supportive women 
  • Cheers ~you’ve got a supportive team to cheer you on and a place to cheer on your team
  • Commit ~ an opportunity to show up for YOURSELF
  • Create ~ what you want for your life; discover and reveal your dreams and desires for your one very precious body and life. 
  • Cooking  ~ experience how delicious and easy it is to concoct naked foods in your kitchen – taste and savor healthy food and take home the recipes
  • Challenge ~ and raise yourself to new levels of being 
  • Change ~ experience profound differences in how you look, feel and perform in all areas of your life

WHY would you want to come: 

I mean to say “WHY WOULDN’T YOU? Let’s be real. If you go out to dinner with girlfriends, you’re plopping down 50 bucks for dinner and a drink. You could be left feeling unsatisfied, fat, bloated and disgusting the next morning from eating and drinking the wrong stuff for your body… and maybe even annoyed about something someone said. Hmmm… ?

This place is safe, supportive and fun allowing you to create and build the best you. Connections, camaraderie, creativity await you here. Thru naked food (you will be served) and naked thought (you will be educated, encouraged, held accountable), you’ll develop the skills for creating the life you desire.. Your personal power will be unleashed and cause a transformation of you into the best version of yourself. IT’s all personal and quite profound. 

WHAT exactly is D’Inner Works?

It is for building your personal power and creating infinite possibility for your one very precious body and life. Each month is a focused topic, content and discussion on life-styling, eating, thoughts, food, situations, etc. Topics will be seasonal, situational and relative.


I am a SPIRITUAL EMPOWERMENT COACH using the power of food and thought to help you build the best version of yourself.


YES. We do pass the Purple Tiara.  And it’s so much fun!



The 2nd Monday of every month beginning March 9, 2015 on the following dates:

  • April 13
  • May 11
  • June 15
  • July 13
  • Aug 10
  • Sept 14


6:30 -8:30 pm


Held in a very special beautiful space ~  location disclosed upon registration 


$597 for all 6 workshops, including dinner and all materials and books.


You’ll be served well because all of my “naked” food is good and healthy and delish!

OMG!!  Naked food lovingly prepared by me with a dose or two of love in every naked stir!  (no gluten, no dairy, no processed anything).

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 11.31.18 AM

Nothing is normal about my food or the group. It’s simply extraordinary in how it tastes and more importantly how YOU feel while you’re eating it and after.

I’ll be serving you WOW! 

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FACILITATOR and CREATOR: Rosie Battista, Self Love Expert & Your Confidence Creator (that would be me) at your service, offering support, openly sharing valuable stuff, and constantly reminding you of how amazing you really are. 

INCLUDED with each session is the following: 

  •  “Naked” Dinner and Dessert ~prepared with love by me using all naked ingredients
  • Workshop- info, printed materials and handouts needed
  • Evening out just for you ~ in a beautiful grand intimate relaxing space
  • Samples and goodies surprises
  • Sleeping Naked After 40 Workbook
  • Private group forum for posting and sharing ah-ha’s and excitement!


Membership to Sleeping Naked After 40 D’inner Works is for 6 months. That means that you commit to 6 months of showing up…COME ON NOW!!… don’t get all commitment phobic. You can do this for yourself.  

(if you can’t make one of the dates-don’t worry~ we’ll save your place and pack up your dinner~ you can pick up your food before/after/or following day. Your assignment and handouts will be ready for you as well.  


YUP. Here’s why. It’s a membership. You are a member and other members count on to be there.

If you miss a meeting, you’ll be missed. The collective connection is a strong force. We each count on one another to produce the divine experience that only a committed connected circle can give .

Commitment is the main key for effective change. It just works that way. If you aren’t willing to commit yourself to showing up, you may consider that you are not ready to really dig in for the d’inner work that it takes to discover who you really are.  This “inner work” is not always easy, you gotta look at the shit that pops up. You have to be willing to FEEL. 


Sign up by emailing [email protected]


You will be asked to provide your CC info safely and verbally over the phone. You decide on which payment option works best for you. There are 2 payment options:

1. One payment of $597 (save $50)

2. Two installments of $325.oo (1st on registration and 2nd payment May 1)


It doesn’t matter where you are, what level you’re standing on, what step you are contemplating, what you weigh, what you wear,  what you do, what you want to do…. THIS IS A PERSONAL D’inner EXPERIENTIAL JOURNEY and you begin at your perfect divine place… You get what you need, and you need what you take… The only requirement is that you show up, open and willing and with love.

IMG_0868-768x1024 2

I CAN’T GET TOTALLY NAKED WITH YOU AND REVEAL ALL ( some things will be left to your surprised delite)  BUT I WILL GET REAL and tell you that this ‘event’ is unique and special. You won’t be disappointed. 

And I can guarantee that you’ll walk out feeling better than when you walked in.


If you do not find all the answers in this document and feel the need to know more before committing, reach out to me by email and we can set up a time to address any of your concerns and questions.  

I am here at: [email protected]  

I AM SO EXCITED TO “MEET” you there and  go on this exciting  journey with you. 

P.S. Space is limited to an intimate group of 10.  So if you are ready, sign up when the “knowing” knocks at your door.

Love, Love, Love,



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