Using Cards as a Divination Tool

What is a divination tool? 

A divination tool helps you communicate with your higher self, angels, spirit guides.  According to the dictionary meaning it can consist of

  • tarot cards, 
  • muscle testing,
  • pendulum,
  • palmistry,
  • numerology,
  • astrology,
  • meditation, 
  • tea leaves, 
  • dreams,
  • automatic writing,
and there are many more...

think about anything that can be used to assist and guide you in your decision making process.

Even thought you already have the answers within you, (we KNOW this) utilizing these tools helps us center in and tap into our own intuition and may prompt a thought that you didn't recognize before. 

Brenda tells us how any Card Deck can be used as a divination tool. 

This video may inspire you with ways you can use your deck in another way when presenting them to your audience. 

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