12 Days Of Christmas Connection


How to enjoy it.

Get your head out of the box and open your heart to experience the magic of Christmas in a beautiful connective way. This deck helps you look at the small acts that deliver the real gift of life. Most of these ideas cost next to nothing in terms of money and require only that you give your time and attention. The residual effects of the gift will last long beyond any material gift from a store. 

How to print it. 

Print out the PDF and cut along the crop lines or
Bring to a Staples or local print shop - print double sided on card stock. You can consider laminating the cards which will insure they last for many years of fun! 

How to share it.

Post your card and your story about how you used your card on social media with: 


Your Cards are in 4 connection categories:
Connecting with your partner, connecting with your kids/grands, connecting with your friends/others. Feel for to mix and match.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Connecting!