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Brainstorming the Perfect Card Deck
for your Business


FRIDAY JUNE 26  at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

Do you have so many ideas, you're confused about which one to choose? 

Are you feeling confused about what kind of card deck could work for you? 

Having a strong deck is not an option.
You want a strong deck because that builds a strong product, one that is easy to share and sell.  One that makes a difference to other people.  One you're proud of. 

Are you ready to get rock solid on your idea?

Get ready to rock, because I'm going to take you thru my signature brainstorming process that I call "Ante Up".  This process looks at where you are right now with your content and teachings. We'll dig in and get you clear on the best idea for your card deck.

No matter what your business is you've got something that's meant to be shared. Whether you have no idea at all of what it could be or you have so many ideas, you don't know which to pick. 


You'll get crystal clear on kind of deck would rock your business. 

  • Live interactive zoom room group coaching session
  • Downloadable worksheets to capture your ideas
  • Access to replay if you cannot attend live 

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Can you IMAGINE having a useful product that you're proud to share ?

Can you IMAGINE having a physical product that impacts your clients results ?

Can you IMAGINE having a golden jewel that takes your client from A to B ? 

A Card Deck is the Perfect Tool to enhance your client experience, grow your business and bring in extra bucks !

Meet Rayven.
She went thru my ANTE UP Brainstorming and took off with her "Eat the Pickle" idea.

Hi I'm Rosie! 

I can't wait to hear about you and help you brainstorm the best ideas during this Card Deck Brainstorming Session.

I've got a gift  for spotting the gift in others and helping them get it out, and create a tool they can use to help their clients.  If you come anywhere near me, I can’t help myself, an idea for you will fly out of my mouth. My education and training as a coach and spiritual concierge, allows me to help you discard old patterns and limiting beliefs holding you back from your innate creative, expansive, flowing amazingness. 

I believe everyone has a unique gift waiting to be shared with the world. I'm determined to help you unleash yours! 

You're gonna love this fun creative process!

I've developed a super fun and effective system (my ANTE UP FORMULA) for coming up with your great idea.  This is a system I use with my private clients.  I'm welcoming you into my zoom room so you can experience it for yourself and get clear on the best idea for you to rock your own deck of cards.

I'm excited to meet you there!