I Am Power Connector Card Deck

The 56-Card Deck comes in an easy to carry matching box. Easy to shuffle and more fun to share! You’ll love this deck for daily inspiration, guidance and prayer. Card Deck Only 29.99 (plus shipping)

The Guided Journal is 130 pages guiding you thru 30 days of thinking in a different way. You’ll practice your own intuition as you tap in and record your internal guidance.  Journal Only 29.99 (plus shipping) 

I am that I am.  Two of the most powerful words you can speak. Whatever word you attach to I AM, you will manifest, so make it a God-centered word! Buy the Card Deck and the Guided Journal together and you’ll get free shipping along with a small discount. (You’ll be able to purchase these products individually if you prefer after you click the link below).

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