Get ready to:
Add a branded & useful product to your business
Increase the value of your existing products and teachings
Support your clients learning and growth
Compliment your card deck, courses & books
Create another income stream


 IMAGINE having a useful journal that you are proud to share with your clients

IMAGINE using your journal as an informational &transformational tool that helps your clients change

IMAGINE using your journal as a promotional tool to build your email list 

Journals are the bomb!
Journals improve personal development in all areas of life and business.

Gorgeous journals (and light hearted action-books) are the perfect way to meet your client where they are.  
Think of how they can compliment your card deck, courses, trainings, retreats!

My students have asked for something different. 

If you're looking to make quick low content books, this course is not for you.

You are here to create thoughtful, impactful journals that ask thought provoking questions and encourage transformational answers, creative activity and promote personal participation from your audience.  

If you're with me, you're in the right place. 

Hi I'm Rosie! 

I've got a gift  for seeing other peoples inner gift and how they can share it in the form of a physical products. If you come anywhere near me, I just can’t help myself, an idea for you will fly out of my mouth. I am here to offer my gift to you so that you can begin to share your gifts with your audience thru a creative product that speaks your message.  My training as a coach and spiritual concierge, allows me to assist you in discarding your old patterns and limiting beliefs that hold you back from your innate creative, expansive, flowing gorgeousness. 

I believe everyone has a unique gift just waiting to be shared with the world. I'm determined to help you unleash yours! 

This Journal Creation Course is all inclusive! I take you thru the whole process. From understanding why a journal is such an important tool for your clients to choosing a printer to getting it into clients hands, and everything in between.

And I mean everything!

If you follow the steps, you will create a gorgeous, purposeful, powerful journal, and action-books.

What’s in the Course?


M1: Brainstorming/ The Journal Idea

In Module #1 you'll learn what makes a good journal.  You'll get a clear idea on what your audience needs.  You'll create your inspired topic and your reason for this journal and an understanding of how it works with your other products.


M2: Printing/ Options

In Module #2, you'll learn the various printing options that are available to you. You'll be clear on which one works best for your business. Here's where you make the decision on the size, color, structure of your journal so you choose the best option for you and your growing business. 


M3: Inside/ Content/ Design

In Module #3 we get moving and shaking with the fun stuff. You'll get clear on the right content to go into a journal. You'll understand the right amount of information/ graphics/ design/ provocative questions you need to deliver the best content to your audience.


M4: Outside/ Front & Back Covers

In Module #4, we tackle the outside of your journal, focusing on the cover design and what needs to be included. You'll learn about cover layouts, options and different ideas. Getting your ISBN's. 


M5: Leveraging Your Journal

In Module #5, you'll learn about adding value, bundling your other products, fun packaging ideas and resources.  We dig into ways to offer, leverage and market your journal. 


You also get these super fab bonuses to get your
beautiful journal to your peeps


You get this Course Action-Guide that will keep you on track with your video modules and hold all your ideas.

You'll use this Action Guide to lay out all the details of your creation process.

This is a printable downloadable document. 


Know exactly where you are and what's left to do in the creation of your journal.

Use this to easy tracker check list to stay on top of your tasks and focused on the next step. With everything in front of you, it's easy to get the job done.

Journal Creation COurse - self study


Ready when you are - work at your own pace.
Everything you need to create your own journal, print it, and sell it.


5 Video Modules
Journal Creation Action Book (PDF printable)  

Plus Bonuses
Easy Tracker Checklist


In addition to the 5 module videos, you also get: 

  • Journal Creation EASY TRACKER CHECKLIST: Plan well to stay on track & keep moving forward.
  • Downloadable ACTION GUIDE : Use this Action Guide to plan out and create your journal

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need accountability & support?  Is there a LIVE opportunity? 

How long with the course take? 

How long will it take to complete a journal?

Will you share trade secrets and inside information? 

Will I have my journal completed by the end of the course? 

I'm not creative or artistic, can I still make a journal? 

Have A Question I Haven't Answered?
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Psst...still not convinced journals are the bomb?


If you haven't said YES to exploding your business with a gorgeous journal, it might be that you're not sure how effective guided journals really are, I've done some research for you. Choose to watch the video or download the PDF.

I take you shopping (you're welcome) and show you journals and action guides/work books that have made great companions for books, online courses or programs and of course, card decks. You can watch a 5 minute video or view the pdf version.

So go ahead and get inspired for what's possible for you!