Love Notes

love-rosieThe following are “LOVE NOTES” (aka testimonials) that were sent to me by those compelled to share the amazing changes that were happening for them after embracing the Sleeping Naked After 40 concepts. These participants openly embraced the SLEEPING NAKED AFTER 40 message that “better food could heal their bodies and better thoughts could heal their life”.

Of course the notes are all awesome.

What else would you expect on a LOVE NOTE but love love and love?

So let’s be real. I am not listing names because what’s in a name? What is important is that you see and hear the changes that others have experienced while Sleeping Naked after 40. You get to decide if these changes fit your life and your desires.

This is totally SO DOABLE. Can’t tell you how good it feels to get healthier knowing I am doing it the way it should BE DONE… I am waking up feeling totally awesome – I now see the beauty and sexiness in myself, no matter what… I want you to know that you are a God sent blessing to me. ..You have helped me to open up more to the infinite possibilities. I have to choose from loving myself… You are encouraging, funny fresh and inspirational… REALNESS…..always what people need and are looking for. Care, concern….the road to higher living… I feel like I can do this now. For the rest of my life. I don’t think I will ever stop eating naked and whole again… I am following the mantra “eat like a lady” and “eat a little of everything you like and nothing you don’t really want”…


Here are the beautiful notes!


Within 3 months of working with her, my food allergy to dairy was uncovered and addressed and the cause of my migraines…
With Rosie’s guidance, for the first time in my life I made real changes in my eating and most importantly in the level of my physical activity and I love the new me… The work has been subtle. Rosie did not come at me with a ready pre made plan. We talked, and she listened to me. Slowly she suggested small changes…
Rosie is caring but not nosey. Rosie is encouraging but not pushy. Rosie is s motivating but not demanding… She’s an artist, presenting new, healthy ideas with enthusiasm and grace.
YOU freakin’ rock! You’re changing lives here… really, really changing lives. Your demeanor….your approach…your recipes…your belief in what you do…all work together for the perfect set up!
…to eat in a loving, healthy way and not obsess, binge and/or purge… The “salsa” had black beans, corn, red sweet bell pepper, onion, and sour cream on top of a salad with tomatoes and iceberg lettuce. Mmmmmm….delicious and filling! …Since i met with you i am done like 2 to 3 pounds. I am not really focusing on it though, just being conscious of what eat and keeping up with the gym…
…9 pounds down! No kidding! It’s so easy!
I used to think that making self-care a priority would be time-consuming… I now realize that a few small changes can have huge impact. I love the program – your videos make me laugh every morning – I feel like you’re my purple goddess fairy godmother.  I am making conscious choices about what I eat – natural and healthy as much as possible, and I’ve been wearing lip color (shocker)!!… YOU friggin ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You need to be on everyones screen.
…THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME CALL. You are truly a gift and I am grateful!
I have worked with lots and lots of people and no body could help me. I can’t explain her magic. She just KNOWS and you have to listen.
In the VERY short time I’ve had with Rosie … I am inspired, moved, challenged, and always feeling love, encouragement and hope! And… if that’s not enough, she makes me laugh
Loving the 40 days!
So fun to “hear and see” you during my day!
Happy LOVE Day to ME!!! 9 lbs down since my first chat with Rosie Battista 2.5 weeks ago!…Gotta be honest with you, this whole naked eating really works! And it’s just too easy not to do it!
I KNOW eating naked is shifting my body…

that you will take gifts with you

Sleeping Naked After 40 guarantees that you will not leave the same way you came in. The experience of eating cleaner and thinking clearer will change your mind and your body for the better and the best version of yourself will emerge from there.

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