Luscious Living: reclaiming your sensuality

CALLING ALL LADIES LOOKING TO FEEL MORE ALIVE. IT’S LADIES NITE OUT for a delicious dinner and luscious workshop called,

Luscious Living: reclaiming your sensuality. 

You can look at your life as one big cake. I like the idea that you can “have your cake and eat it to”.

It would be wrong of me to hold back on this piece of the cake. It would be like me giving you only part of the recipe for this yummy luscious delicious cake.

Sex is part of the big mix of life if you leave it out it’s not going to taste as good might want to refer to it as the icing on the cake or even the cherry on top it can be that awesome and delicious and make your life even more luscious being failed to mention it is really playing at small without it you can’t fully live your life because you’ll never really feel your way in your body there’s so much more to life when you lived in your body that’s why am talking about sex no I’m not an expert so I have an expert with me and he’s going to share all the delicious yummy lusciousness with you. This Ladies Nite Out Workshop is co-facilitated by Rosie Battista from Sleeping Naked After 40 and Will Fredericks from Naming Desire. 

WHEN: Friday Nite.

WHERE: A Sacred Divine Space  (in Long Hill NJ) to be revealed to you upon signup.

TIME:  6 pm – 10  pm sharp

COST: $97 includes a healthy amazing “naked foods” dinner and dessert and 4 hour workshop in a fantastically awesome sacred place.


1) the importance of your sensuality as a ‘Self Love Tool’ that you can ACCESS all the time.

2) what it’s like to really BE in your body and really feel ALIVE.

3) how you can be more PRESENT to feeling everything in you daily life.

4) how to experience your food in a different way

5) how to ADD sensuality to everything you do and how that improves your self and your sex life.

6) a take home plan of ACTION that you can use to improve your “sensuality”.

DRESS CODE:  Comfortably gorgeous in your own sexy way. (Translation: wear what makes you feel good. We will be moving and sitting on cushions and couches) Don’t plan your outfit around your shoes as they come off at the door. The rest of your clothing stays on)

HOW TO SIGN UP: To sign up contact [email protected] to get on the list.


This is important because you want to live a life that is ALIVE! Just okay and mediocre is not OKAY for your one very precious life.

Many women, at this age and stage, have thrown in the towel on their sexiness, convinced that their best years are behind them. Maybe you feel numb, unfulfilled, confused, disconnected and blah? If any or all of these describe your feelings,

this workshop is for you.

Your sensuality, sexiness, sultriness, eroticism is your power force. You will learn to use your sensuality to feel alive. It’s just one more tool in  your SELF LOVE kit (and you know you can never have too many tools to help remind you of who you really are! )

You will leave the workshop inspired, provoked (in a good way) and excited about reclaiming your sensuality so you can feel more alive.

You will experience ways that you can bring yummy lusciousness into your body, to your partner, to your business and to your life.


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