Join Rosie "Queen of Card Decks" Battista for a Live Card Deck Mastery Class

Learn the game changing things a 

Card Decks can do for your business...  stream, build your community & 


for Coaches

Card Decks are a gem of a coaching tool! 

It's a golden nugget of your delicious content that is easily digestible.  It's a soft but powerful whisper rising above the noise. It's the opportunity to help your client take small action steps in the direction of their goals and dreams.

Save my seat for 

Wednesday, October 18 at 2 pm ET

Learn HoW TO USE A card decK as an amazing tool to: 

  • Repurpose your already awesome content into an easy to consume product
  • Improve your clients experience - they'll love the unique & impactful messages 
  • Help client/customers progress in fun new ways
  • Offer a different experience for information consumption
  • Build an active growing community
  • Enhance your online courses
  • Compliment your book(s) and journal(s)
  • Ramp up your live videos
  • Create a lucrative income stream

aka: Rosie Battista

I've been creating products for my most of my adult life and I'm excited to take you through my Card Deck Training.

Your creative genius will be fired up and ready by the end of our time together and you'll be on your way a great Card Deck idea that works! 

I've go so much good stuff to share with you including:

1) What makes a card deck perfect for any business

2) Learn my successful E- Strategy to come up with your idea
3) Learn 10 game changing things people are doing with their decks

4)How to use a Card Deck to make more money

5) How to use a Card Deck to build a community
6) Learn how different business use Card Decks to grow their biz

I'm excited to meet you at the Card Deck Training, 

Here's a few examples of what some of my Course Graduates

have done with their Card Decks

Claudette's Card Deck
 helps make step parenting easy.

Rayven's Card Deck
 helps you out of your comfort zone.

Alex's Card Deck

helps you enjoy your walks.

Judy's Card Deck

helps you create your legacy.

Pat's Card Deck

 helps you get past your blocks.

Kimberley's Card Deck

 helps you become a leader.

Brenda's Card Deck
 helps you receive divine guidance.

Charlotte's Card Deck
 helps you achieve daily harmony.

Erin's Card Deck
 helps boost your confidence.

Pat's Card Deck
helps bring out your inner little girl.

Patricia's Card Deck

helps you bring daily affirmations to your day.

Charle's Card Deck

helps you easily tackle creative writing.

Marie's Card Deck

helps you connect with others. 

Melissa's Card Deck

helps you keep active with content.

Rosie's Card Deck

helps you center in and calm down.

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