Product Creation

by Rosie Battista, The Differentiator

[testimonial_left image_url=””]Wouldn’t you love to stand out with gorgeous product that rocks your business and wows your audience?[/testimonial_left]


Are you wishing you could?

  • you have a great idea but don’t know what to do with it;
  • you imagine this idea but don’t know how to capture it;
  • you hope you could do something like “that” someday;
  • you wish someone would handle it all for you;
  • you know that you should offer a product ;
  • you want “stuff” but don’t have the time or vision ;
  • you have the vision, but don’t have the foggiest idea where to begin;
  • you don’t have time for this stuff, but your coach says you must have stuff;
  • you desire that little “thing” that makes you hugely different.
  • you want your clients to have more.


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Your wish is my command. 

As your Product Designer, I take you from Idea-in-mind to Product-in-hand. Your options are limitless and anything is possible. 

I see your brilliance and I capture it. I turn it into a unique physical product that differentiates you from the market.
I get your message out of your heart and into a product you’ll be proud to share with your audience.
You dump your information and I take care of the rest.

I specialize in idea generation, info products, ebooks, branded and retail merchandise, stand out business cards, client WOW surprises, physical and online merchandise, logo creation, video creation, video idea generation, business names and tag lines. 





[full_column][bold_title]Services Available:[/bold_title][/full_column]

  • Stand out Biz cards 
  • Extraordinary Brand Enhancers 
  • Creative Clothing 
  • Outstanding Opt-in Reports
  • Exceptional E-books
  • Spectacular Self published books
  • Crazy Amazing Cookbooks and Cooklets(r)
  • Wowsa Workbooks
  • Jocund Journals 
  • Special Seminar Handouts
  • Wildly Unique Workshop Booklets
  • Captivating Coffee Table, Bathroom and Conversational Books
  • Divine Decks of cards
  • Beautiful Banners
  • Luscious Logos
  • Tremendous Tag Lines  
  • Welcome Videos for website home page ***
  • Short “how to” Video Campaigns 
  • Your own on line courses


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***VIDEOS- Taking you from “the idea” to “the play button”
(Includes: Idea, strategy, content, filming, editing, youtube presentation)


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Because your audience deserves to be lit up by your brilliance… and wowed by your bright shiny products.


[full_column][bold_title]Our work together has 2 parts:[/bold_title][/full_column]


DiscoveryTime can be a one day intensive or a half day intensive held in a special place and sacred space for optimum creativity to flow.  (Also offered is phone or skype session). During this time we will discover and uncover your wants and desires. Brainstorming, idea generation, mind dumping and product choices are discussed, determined and mapped out. A plan is prepared. You will leave with your Differentiation Book of Crazy Delicious Ideas that are ready for action. You own your book and your ideas. Includes a follow up StrategyTime to recap and reassess the plan.

Investment/ TBD[/one_half]



Product CreationTime with me on your team. This is a custom creation process based on product selection, your time preferences and needs. You will receive an estimate with clear cost and time frames. Depending on your products chosen, completion time can range from one month to one year and investment can range from $500 to $25,000


DTY – Take your Differentiation Book Of Crazy Delicious Ideas and do them yourself.[/one_half]
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[full_column][bold_title]About me and why it matters to you:[/bold_title][/full_column]

I was born with a box of crayons in lieu of a silver spoon and gifted a way of seeing “things” as physical product. I am here to offer my gift to you so that you can in turn use it to share your gifts with your audience thru creative products that speak your message.

It began with days of clay elephants sculptures, hand painted salt ornaments, hand written calligraphy signs, envelopes, wedding paraphernalia, and hand painted wall murals. It moved along to children’s coats, hat and baby bonnets designs and creations for Violets Are Blue, LLC. Hand embellished personalized purses, custom decorative pillows, vintage Christmas stockings for Violet Rose Gifts Inc came next. A tee shirt line, workout clothing, one of a kind vintage inspired clothing are ongoing. I’ll end here with the gorgeously branded and product rich Sleeping Naked After 40, LLC that includes 6 self published books, 2 cookbooks, 5 cooklets, “I am” dish towels and napkins, branded apparel, 40 piece deck of self love cards, sugar freed cards, an 80 day on line automated video course, 150 how to cooking videos, 12 workout videos, and 180 other motivating youtube videos.

This is not the end of my creations, but it is the beginning of yours, as we plan out and produce amazing products, flavored with passion and infused with love so you stand out and give them wow.

[one_half]products [/one_half]


Product ideas and the ways to make them real come naturally to me. If you’ve ever spent 2 minutes in my presence, you’d know that it takes only one minute of conversation before a business idea comes popping thru my head for YOU.

I have created various product(s) for other businesses such asHealthy Food Now, LLC, Green Polka Dot Box, Susan Evans’ Help More People, La Belle Boutique, La Casa Della Bonboniera and many more!


Current products can be viewed here.
Current production of Rosie TV can be viewed here and here and here.[/one_half]

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[full_column][bold_title]Why product is important:[/bold_title][/full_column]


  • It stands you out;
  • It fits you in;
  • It is your unique differentiator;
  • It is your something special to sell;
  • It’s a give away that won’t be thrown away;
  • It’s more serious than a plain business card;
  • It generates income ;
  • It allows you to sell “things” at events and vendor tables;
  • It broadens your brand;
  • It supports your core programs and points;
  • It enhances your message;
  • It speaks your language and message;
  • It shows that you mean business.

Package your brilliance into products that keep  on giving. 


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[full_column][bold_title]Contact me:[/bold_title][/full_column]

Contact me for a complimentary “Possibility Pow-WOW” to discuss where you are, what you want and what is possible for you. 

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