Personal Power-Filled Life-Styler

$ 497.00

Personal Power-Filled Life-Styler

$ 497.00

Are struggling with any of these:

  • feeling fat and uncomfortable?
  • missing your sexiness and confidence?
  • wanting your body back?
  • don’t know where to start or what to eat?

You need guided help. Personal help. To fit your style. With your tastes in mind.


The personal touch from the Power-filled Life Styler is for you.
It offers the attention to detail that you want and crave. Customized personal attention with meal suggestions that are created just for you, that fit your life style and taste preferences.

You known that what you eat matters and excellence in nutrition affects how you look and how you feel changes the way you live your life. Because having a custom plan that fits will make the difference to if you actually do it.

It will become easy over time as you practice the new skills until they become your new habits.

Here’s what you get:
  • a body and lifestyle assessment session
  • a beautifully formatted food and fitness plan that is customized to fit your needs, style and taste
  • a flexible meal plan, recipes, easy ways to get prepared, help with dining out, ordering in and cooking at home during busy times
  • a follow up check in session to be sure all is smooth sailing
  • The Naked Series (the 3 paperback books will be mailed to you)
  • one month of email access to ask any questions you want
  • food journal awareness chart
  • resource shopping guide
  • access to virtually live cooking lessons
The Results:

become your perfect body weight
feel sexy and gorgeous
create a healthy body with skin that glows
feel 10 years younger and look it too
have people tell you “I’ll want what you’re having”


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