The Academy

The Academy

The Sleeping Naked AFter 40 Academy offers education, motivation, accountability and support to help you build the best version of your self. No plan, good intentions or willpower will work until you style your life to support this healthier way of being. You’ve got to have implementable steps, sustainable practices and obvious results or you won’t do it. And that is exactly what you’ll get when you participate in the Academy. IS THIS PROGRAM FOR YOU? The Academy is for you, if feel any or all of these:

  • Uncomfortable in your body. Eating out of control. Gaining weight.
  • Lost or disconnected.
  • Missing confidence. Lost sexiness.
  • Worried about the future. Pissed about the past.
  • Plain old blah-ness and at best, just okay-ness in your daily life.
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One year to a healthy, sexy body by eating and thinking better. 

Together we delve into the 12 Chapters of Sleeping Naked After 40.

THE SLEEPING NAKED AFTER 40 ACADEMY offers self discovery and implementable sustainable steps for moving forward in a positive way. It’s not about learning to eat less and exercise more. You’ve done that. It doesn’t work for very long. It’s not about supplements, potions or pills. You’ve tried all that. It doesn’t work.

One year immersion in the Sleeping Naked After 40 Academy will show you a different way of eating and thinking so that you experience some or all of these symptoms:

If this sounds awesome to you, keep reading for the details about what you get, the commitment, the results, and the investment.  Learn more here>>>


Learning, living and loving the Sleeping Naked After 40 Life-Style improves your body weight, your food struggle, your relationships. Those nasty cousins of fear, doubt, worry, not enoughness, just okayness go away (and if they do happen to pop in for a visit, they don’t stay long). By building a strong foundation and a deeper understanding of how the food you eat and the thoughts you think create the body and life you want, things will change. You will learn how to erase your “old” ways and replace them with “new” ways that feel better and improve every area of your life.


You will get:

  • 1 hour TOPIC Teleclass
  • 1 hour Group Q & A Teleclass
  • The Naked Series of  Books

You can relax about the year! Trust me it flies by while you’re having so much fun!

Let’s be real about this. You did not get to where you are overnite but you expect all to change overnite. Hmmm..

I don’t know how fast you’ll change and it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you will change.  With practice, consistency and accountability, you will feel better and thats when you’ll want to make these new practices your new habit.

The Academy is similar to a book club. You’ll learn the teachings of Sleeping Naked After 40. You’ll see first hand how  sustainable and implementable skills will form new habits for you.   This life changing year works because it is not a program that you go on and get off. There is no there. This new experience and practice of excellence in nutrition, extreme self love and extraordinary care become your new reality and new way of living and loving.

In case you hadn’t heard, the editor of Sleeping Naked After 40 lost 44 pounds while she was editing the book. Imagine what could happen for you if you read the book with support and accountability.

You’ll be rockin’ the new concepts and you’ll be feeling healthy, confident and sexy!


You will:

  • become your perfect weight
  • feel sexier
  • have more confidence
  • discover who you really are and what you want
  • have more energy and joy
  • understand that self love and care is a lifelong practice

I want you to feel good and experience joy and love in all areas of your life. It you want that for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. The Academy is for you.

$197 per month and you’re right. You can’t afford NOT TO~~


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