The Wake Up Call

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The Wake Up Call

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$ 14.99

(offered on the first Wednesday of every month unless otherwise notified)
so we can

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The purpose and mission of the group call:
  • connect to a community of like minded people,
  • create what you want for your body and life,
  • converse and discuss important seasonal and situational topics,
  • conspire to to learn and grow stronger physically and emotionally.

You’ll gain clarity as you address challenges and issues around how you treat yourself with food and how you feed your thoughts.

Tired of the “STUCK-INESS”?

We’ll focus on where you are stuck, make excuses, feel unbalanced and thrown off track. On these calls, YOU will set your monthly intention that will keep you moving forward step by step.

How long is each call?

Call will last between 30-50 minutes depending on variables (numbers of call-ins, circumstances, and topic)

timeI believe in using “our” time wisely and making the most effective use of it’s preciousness. My philosophy is to present, guide and lead in the most effective way possible and intuit when a call is complete without trying to make it last just because… So when we are complete… We get down to the act of BEING… There is no rush and no pressure.

What’s so Rockin’ about this wake up call?

For starter, you will WAKE UP, become aware and open to change and new ideas.
Live group calls are amazingly fun, interactive, emotional, uplifting, peaceful, and educational.

I could go on and on. But you get the point. You’ll check in… be held accountable… commit to self. You’ll experience that you are not alone, connect with people on same journey and root for them as they cheer you on. You’ll be opened to possibility and welcoming to the change that comes along with the new and inspired YOU.


$14.99/month – Sign Up Now

* Each month a recurring fee of 14.99 will be deducted until you unsubscribe.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I loved tonites call!!! It was just what I needed.

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