Improve your life with journaling:
reduce stress, lower your blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, deepen your spiritual connection, ignite your creativity.

She Journals. Club

When is it ?

We meet every Monday morning 10 am ET.  

Meeting every Monday allows you to build a consistent practice so you'll get amazing results! 

I love Mondays! 

Where is it ?

In my private Zoom Room. You'll receive access when you sign up. 

In the comfort of your own home - come as you are, comfy cozy in your p.j.'s with your morning coffee, or decked out in your favorite fancy garb. 

What will we be doing ?

We'll get settled in with a light meditation, a card reading, then use our weekly prompt for the journal time.  We'll wrap up with sharing/ connection time and you'll be set for a wonder-filled week. 


What is journaling ?

You take your journal (any book with empty pages for you to fill) and your pen and you'll fill it... it's writing your inner most feelings, thoughts and questions onto that paper.


Your journal becomes your confidant, your buddy, your best friend. A place where you can tell all and not be judged. A place where you get clear and create dreams. A journal is a spiritual essential for Divine connection & personal growth.


What are the benefits of journaling ?

The benefits are off the charts. You'll feel more relaxed. You'll get clarity on your situations and your life. You'll lower your stress and improve your sleep quality. You'll connect to deeper parts of you. You'll get answers to your questions. You'll discover things you never took the time to consider.


"Together we go farther"  

This is one of the best parts ! You'll meet other amazing women, build friendships and those powerful connections we as women need to truly thrive! 


How does the Club work?

Sign up by clicking the teal button above or below. You'll set up your subscription of $40 per month. Your monthly billing cycle starts the day you sign up - You can unsubscribe anytime before your next billing)  

You're gonna love the way you feel when you adapt the consistent practice of journaling!



Patrica Bumpass

Your classes are collaboration, encouragement and support. It's a feeling of community.

Evie Singer

I would recommend taking any class Rosie offers. They are truly learning experiences.

Anne Marie Bentzlin

My favorite part was meeting like-minded women and creating life long friendships. Always a fun experience. 

Join the SHE JOURNALS.Club 

Camaraderie, Connection, Clarity, Community and the art of Journaling. 

Set yourself up for your week with a jump start every Monday Mornings 10 am ET.

ONLY $40 per month that includes 4 weekly meeting. 

Hi there  Gorgeous One !  
I'm Rosie Battista

So glad you've shown up here. 

I've been an avid journaler for years and consider it an essential and effective spiritual and self love tool. 

This group is a comfortable, supportive place for you to show up and get to know who you are & what you want -
you'll be digging in, getting clear and getting to know yourself from deep down and

building amazing new friendships.

SEND QUESTIONS to [email protected]