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Diane Moore  

Diane is a visual storyteller and author. She reminds us that believing in yourself will require courage. Using your skill sets to coach and train others on maximizing life and to be uniquely you because everyone else is taken.

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Vanessa Chamberlin

Vanessa can be found on Instagram leading here Silver Liberation group to step into their inner beauty while allowing themselves the freedom to let their silver shine.

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Cindy Rushton

Cindy is a writer, speaker, pastor, actress, life/ministry/biz/life coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, empty-nester, Mimi, and most of all, God-crazy!! Cindy dedicates her life to helping others become equipped and empowered to step up and step fulfilling their calling and life purpose.  

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Brook Packard

Brook believes bedtime is the first, best habit and that more intentional bedtimes will change the world. She is the creator of Sleepytime Club bedtime kits -  giving overwhelmed parents a nurturing bedtime routine in less than 20 minutes so they can make nightly memories &  help children easily transition to sleep.  

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Regina Gale

Regina is a Coach, Poet Singer,-Songwriter, Perfumer and Speaker. She unveils and works through vulnerabilities in the relationships that mean the most to a seasoned woman. Regina made many changes in herself and is now committed to using all the gifts she was born with and strives to share them with others.  

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Bev Adamo

Bev is a catalyst and evolutionary guide. Her purpose on this planet is to lead powerful, awesome, amazing women into the Truth of who they are.  Her calling is to awaken souls to the truth of their unique brilliance, so that every woman is able to access her power, release all notions of who she was conditioned to be, and live the life she was born to live.

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Kelly McCausey

Kelly is a blogger, podcaster and business coach who knows you want to publish content you're proud of for a community you love. She will constantly remind you to trust yourself; your dreams don't need validation.

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Make some warm tea, settle down, go within, and begin the journey of discovering what you really want for your life, no matter what your age or stage.

"It's when we let ourselves be seen and our hair go natural.  
It's when remove our masks and allow our dreams to surface.
It's when we embrace our gifts and share them with the world, 
that we inspire others to do the same"

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