Not old

No matter your age or stage, 
it's never too late to be who
you were meant to be 

You're invited to the Silver is Gold Summit

February 1 - 4 - Two Videos are released each day for your enjoyment!

"It's when we let ourselves be seen and our hair go natural.  
It's when remove our masks and allow our dreams to surface. 
It's when we embrace our gifts and share them with the world, 
that we inspire others to do the same"

Is this you? 

As a midlife woman, society tells you to act a certain way, to live your life in a certain way.  
You may feel pressured to conform and fall in line and forget to be yourself.

The Silver is Gold- Not Old Summit is perfect for women entrepreneurs, or want to be entrepreneurs, women at midlife stage who are looking to live free.  It's a Summit for those looking to hear a conversation of what it's like to show up as the real you.

This Summit is for those wanting to make a change in their life, whether it's letting their hair go natural, switching careers or going out on their own to a new adventure business or calling. 

You're finally ready to be the real you! 

Come be inspired by a group of women who let their natural silver locks down. 

Who stepped into their unique gift and are out sharing it with the world. 

These women are here to inspire you to freedom. 

Free from societal opinions and old norms that keep you at a job you don't like, a relationship you don't want. You're feeling ready to let your hair down and natural so you can show us as the real you without covering over who you think you should be. 

Join me in meeting these women, listen to their stories to she what's possible for you... 

Meet the Panel of Silver Freedom Foxes

Regina Gale 

"Everytime I look forward, I see a second chance"

A Coach, Poet Singer, Songwriter, Perfumer and Speaker unveils and works through vulnerabilities in the relationships that mean the most to a seasoned woman. After years of enjoying life and fulfilling the dreams and expectations of others.  She realized time was knocking on her door and telling her it was her turn. She is committed to using her gifts  to share them with others.

Cindy Rushton

"Finding Who You Are and Why You Are Here is a Game-Changer - It Will Help You Live Your Very Best Life!"

A writer, speaker, pastor, actress, life/ministry/biz/life coach, entrepreneur, podcaster, empty-nester, Mimi, and most of all, God-crazy!! She dedicates her life to helping others become equipped and empowered to step up and step out to fulfill their calling and life purpose. 

Bev Adamo

"sometimes the Wisest course of action is to be unabashedly Wild"

A catalyst and evolutionary guide, her purpose on this planet is to lead powerful, awesome, amazing Wild and Wise® Women into the Truth of who they are. Everything she does is divinely inspired from her personal experiences, innate intuition, and from working with people from all walks of life. Her calling is to awaken souls to the truth of their unique brilliance, so that every woman is able to access her power and live the life she was born to live.

Brook Packard

"What We Learn With Pleasure, We Never Forget"

A life coach, author and childhood music specialist. She believes bedtime is the first best habit and that more intentional bedtimes will change the world. Creator of Sleepytime Bedtime kits that help parents nurture bedtime routines in less than 20 minutes so they can make memories every night and reclaim their evenings. 

Vanessa Chamberlin

"Time Flies when you're having fun and feeling free"

A self love pusher, truth seeker, speaker and life coach.  She

teaches women to love themselves fro the inside out and has created a loyal following in her group called Silver Liberation.  

Diane Moore

"Be Uniquely You.....Everyone else is taken"

A visual storyteller and author.  After a company downsizing at 57, she retired herself and never looked back. Now, at 60 she uses her transferable skill sets to coach and train others on maximizing life.

Kelly McCausey

"Trust yourself. Your dreams don't need validation."

A blogger, podcaster and business coach who knows you want to publish content you're proud of for a community you love.

Rosie Battista

Once You Remember Who You Truly Are, Everything is Possible." 

Creative coach and spiritual concierge. On a mission to help others discover their inner gifts and share them with the world.  Teaching others to make products that enhance their clients lives. 

This is what it's all about 

You'll meet women who have brazen the norm - to go out there and show up as real - they've taken the stand for who they are and what they want - 

Letting their hair go natural, in spite societal resistance and opinions of Gray = Old.  They're here to show you that Silver is actually Gold - These women have chosen the path to freedom both in letting their hair
go naturally silver and letting go of situations and jobs that were holding them back from their giving their 
true gifts. 

The Summit is packed with 8 Silver Goddess, all at different stages of our silver and live journeys.

The Silver Is Gold Summit Begins February 1st!

Free Registration Now Available!

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