Oh Fudge!

Oh Fudge is what was created when I left the avocado’s at the store. My intention had been to make Chocolate Avocado Pudding for a dinner party. At 4 pm, while prepping for 6 pm guests, I realized the avocado’s were missing. In my hurried shopping spree, I had left the main ingredient at the store.

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What Is It Wednesday 3. Deception.

What is it Wednesday 3 is the day we reveal a product and its ingredient list and you guess what this “food product” is. Then I’ll share with you an option for making a healthy version of this product which is the best part of this series because YOU DO HAVE AWESOME OPTIONS without sacrifice or deprivation. STOP PRETENDING

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Waking Up To Pancakes

Watch this fun video on making pancakes in 1959. I love waking up to pancakes. This blog is about helping you WAKE UP to what you are eating.  Because what you see is not always what you get. As a pancake addict, it is my breakfast of choice almost every morning and my favorite meal of the day.

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