Teleclass: How to transform your life, have great SEX and fall in love with yourself…everyday


I want to talk about what you asked me to talk about.  


Okay, it was the sex part that you asked for, but you can’t talk sex without talking self love and transformation in the same sentence. 

You may not yet be aware that great sex can change your life. So let me invite you to come to a FREE Call where you can learn all about it.

Before I continue, please mark your calendar and 

SAVE THE DATE… (You’ll want to be there, trust me)

Tuesday August 19, at 8pm EST

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Is it possible to use great sex to transform your life and fall in love with yourself?  Or to fall in love with yourself so that you can have great sex? And transform your life while you’re at it too? 


I talk all the time about building your healthiest, sexiest body as part of the Sleeping Naked After 40 Lifestyle. Feeling healthy and sexy in your body makes for a better life. No argument there. You already are clear that eating naked is one way to improve and maintain your physical health. You’ve experienced that. 

However, the food on your plate is only one form of nourishment that supports your body. The other food is sex.

YUP. IT IS. Sex is a form of nourishment for your human body and your soul! 

SEX is an intriguing topic. When you mention the word or any associated body part in a crowded room you’ll most often get laughter, a snicker, an embarrassing comment or other emotional responses. 

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about sex? What feelings does it bring up in your body? 

Lately I’ve been wondering just exactly what’s up with sex. 

Why are so many women embarrassed to talk about “it”?  Even more intriguing is why so many are not engaging or enjoying sex at all or just tolerating bad sex or obligatory sex. YIKES! 

And then you asked me. So here it is. 

So where do you fit in?

Perhaps you are just too tired to do it, feel too fat to expose your skin, feel too uncomfortable to relax, feel too disconnected to find a connection ?  

What is stopping you from having great sex?  

Maybe you don’t know or don’t really believe that sex is an integral part of your health.

So here is the deal. 

Ignoring and avoiding sex are not options if you want a healthy sexy body (and life).

Let me repeat, sex is really important and not just according to me. 

Dr. Christina Northrop tells us in her book, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, “we are sexual beings(an amazing book btw). She goes on to say that, “sexual energy…is a life-force that permeates all of creation and is part of the joyfulness of life creations….For too long our culture has taught us to fear, denigrate, and suppress our own eroticism, when we should be allowing its natural expression to live fully and healthfully.”

A FRIGGIN’ LIFE FORCE. WOW. Think about that!

Perhaps you’ve thought of sex as pleasure and luxury and don’t allow yourself the time and space for it. Perhaps you’ve thought of sex as an “obligation” that you try to get over quickly or avoid altogether. But Dr. Northrop is talking sex as health…sex and health together. Hmmmm, imagine that.

Even Napoleon Hill, in one of my favorite books, Think and Grow Rich, a book about  POWER and SUCCESS, devotes an entire chapter to sexual energy. He says, “Sexual desire it the most powerful of human desires…its exercise is positive and healthy….and can develop keenness of imagination, courage, willpower, persistence and creative ability that is unknown at other times.”

That is some mind blowing powerful stuff !

You can’t hold back in this department ladies. It’s part of your flow. 

They don’t call it sexual healing for nothing.  Close your eyes, listen to this song, breathe and sink into your body) What do you feel? 

Now that we are clear on the importance of sexual energy, now what? If you find yourself wanting to know more about sex, your erotic energy and what’s up with all that … I am super excited to share! 

Okay hold on… 

I am not officially an expert on this topic, other than the fact that I am a sexual being who’s been on a mission to discover more about myself. 

I am convinced that sexual energy is not only relevant but extremely necessary to living an awesome power filled life. And you know how I feel about awesome power filled living! 

This call will help you create another  SELF LOVE and CARE TOOL for your collection. 

On Tuesday August 19, at 8pm EST, I’ll be sharing the mic with Will Fredericks, a mentor in this field, and a highly respected and trusted sex educator/intimacy coach. Will is a very special gift. In a nutshell, what Will does, is transform people’s lives by helping them change their relationships to their body and sensuality. I love when Will says, “ Everyone’s journey is personal and unique…  when you regain the relationship to your body, you reconnect to creativity, to your erotic power, to your life force.”

WOWSA!  There’s that life force thing again!  

His message is in perfect alignment with my message of “building the best version of yourself” and “stepping into your awesomeness”. And there are many ways and experiences that take you there. Accepting, embracing and connecting to your body and sensuality is a big one. 

HEALTH/SEX. LIFE FORCE/SEX. Something big is going on here. 

We’ll be talking all about this big topic. I invite you to join us for a FREE class on Tuesday August 19 at 8:00 pm est. 

I respectfully request that you come to this call with your curiosity in hand, your ears tuned, your mind empty and your heart open.  

Email me here, and I’ll reserve a spot for you and send you back the call in info. Seats are limited as I want to preserve the intimacy of a small group setting. Please include any questions you would like answered on the call in this email and I’ll do my best to address all of them on the call in addition to the content we’ll be sharing.  

One more thing and please note that it does not matter what place or space your head or body is in right now. If you are single, in a relationship, married happily or not so happily, not feeling sexy enough, not feeling good in your body, waiting to lose weight to get a partner, not getting your needs met from your partner, dating, not dating, or flying solo… all is good… I invite you to call in …  

EMAIL ME HERE. [email protected] and I’ll send you the call in details.  

Remember you are already amazing. Will and I are simply here to remind you of that and of all that  is possible for you. 



P.S. Will is super excited to meet you and share his amazing story of passionate living. 



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