Thinking Naked After 50 Special Invitation Only

This is a Special Invitation. If you are ready to dive and dig into

THINKING NAKED AFTER 50 Six Month Program 

How to use your thoughts to feel better about yourSelf. 

The Who, What, When, Where, Why and WOW!

For 6 Transformational Months

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(Don’t you just love the glasses?)


You may likely experience any or all of the follow symptoms:

  • the trees will look greener
  • the roses will smell sweeter
  • you’ll be less annoyed by other people
  • your taste buds will be standing at attention
  • your intentions will be clearer
  • your clothes will fit better
  • your confidence with be rockin’
  • toxic relationships won’t stick


Because every thing starts with a thought and every “think” matters ~ Rosie Battista


If you’ve thought enough about it to read this far down and…

if you really want to change your life…now…once and for all.

And if you are ready to step into your awesomeness,

Let’s talk.

Because the stakes are high when we’re talking about your life.

I’ve witnessed that the clients that show up and back their commitment with an investment have the best results. ACTUALLY I’LL CALL THEM AMAZING RESULTS.

I want that for you.

“Just okay” is not okay with me. And it’s certainly not okay FOR  you.

Your life is worth awesome.

If you were to actually have major shifts, ah-ha’s and transformative experiences, so that you felt so amazing, happy and oozing with joy and gratitude, wouldn’t that be worth everything?

That’s why I would call this program is priceless, but because I have to put some kind of number to it, I’ve priced this new program at $597 mo. A small price to pay for something so priceless!

This is a brand new power-filled six month program.

For the brand new rockin’ 2015 year.

To will help you build a brand new YOU.

So you can finally stop TRYING so HARD to make things feel good.


You’ll learn how to think yourself better. And you’ll learn how to think better about yourSelf.


I have created a new program in perfectly divine time. NOW. So you can finally stop saying, I’ll start next tomorrow, next month or next year and then years go by and you’re still where you are.

This invitation is for you ~ but ONLY IF YOU are ready ~

~ to build the best version of yourself.


If you have worked with me in a group capacity or an online course, and want to really up-level your life, this program will give you the opportunity to dig in deep, find the jewels, dust them off and make them shine. You’ll expand and grow beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself.

Because when you change your thinking, your life WILL change. Personal coaching and support is included in this program and makes the process more pleasant, effective and life-changing.

Because the work is all about YOU and what YOU need.

This brand program is called THINKING NAKED AFTER 50 (now don’t worry if you’re not 50, this program is still rockin’ for 40 year olds too)

It’s all about your thinking. Once you fully grasp how it all works, you’ll experience miracles everyday and anything and everything is possible. That will be your new experience.

In addition to your transformation to a new and better you, here’s the other naked goodies you get with this program:

  • ~2 thirty minute private coaching calls
  • ~1 intimate group meeting with only members of Thinking Naked After 50
  • ~The Gorgeous Kit. 
  • ~LOVEwork Sheets (exercises and experiences on paper) 
  • ~Admission to SN40X Part 1 & 2 Online Self Love Course
  • ~Mp3 Teaching Lesson that you can listen to while you work out

Amazing stuff right?

And that’s only the tangible stuff.  The power-filled stuff is how you’ll walk around your life. With oozing love and exploding gratitude. Yup. You will be different.

Your investment is $597 mo.

If you choose to pay in full, I’ll gift you an extra 2 thirty minute sessions with me for being courageous enough to really put your money where your mouth is.

I have to be honest, I am only taking 10 women. Once the spots are gone, they are gone.

If the idea of participating in this feels good to you, right now, and you KNOW you need something to help with a major shift, I invite you to email me at [email protected]. I’ll set you up with a “BEST NEXT STEP CALL”. On this call we’ll discuss and determine if this program is the right one for you, right now.

Since I am only taking 10 and it will be an intimate group, you need to really want it for yourself. After 10, I close out this program.

I will not promise you easy. But I will promise you “WORTH IT”.

At the end of 6 months, your life will FEEL better.


Are you ready to give yourSelf the gift of life…?

purple-parcel-161431 2

Okay I know that sounds a tad dramatic, but since I have your attention,  please, it really is a gift for your life because your life will change for the better. I won’t promise you easy, but I will promise you WORHT IT.  The rest is up to you.  

Are you courageous enough to take the a huge step for the new year; up into who you truly want to be? Into remembering who you truly are? Let’s talk about it in a BEST NEXT STEP CALL.  Email me [email protected]





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